Exhilarating Excitement is what awaits 2016 GT-R Drivers in Atlanta, Georgia

May 15th, 2016 by

2016 GT-R

When drivers in Atlanta, Georgia press on the accelerator, they feel more than raw power. The 545-horsepower twin-turbo V6 of the 2016 GT-R at Nissan of Union City has massive strength, but it’s also highly refined, even earning a ULEV-II emissions rating. Rather than traditional cast-iron liners, each cylinder in these powerful new models features a unique plasma coating with an independent intake system for each bank of cylinders. The powerful twin turbo engine takes advantage of a Premium Midship (PM) design for balance, where much of the engine sits back in the chassis. Without question, the 2016 Nissan GT-R is one uniquely brilliant automobile, and it was built to perform on a different level.

A Powerful Performance Artist

2016 Nissan GT-R models bring with them a unique look and feel that is unlike any other vehicle you’ll come across on the busy streets of Atlanta, Georgia. Ultra-efficient, daylight-spectrum, multi-LED headlights create a distinctive “lightning” motif, but these four LED units do much more than simply look the part. They are able to conveniently adjust their illumination pattern based on vehicle speed, and cast a super-wide beam that enhances driver visibility, especially when cornering. To provide the all-new GT-R with a rigid platform, Nissan engineers pioneered a unique hybrid body comprised of high-strength steel, die-cast aluminum, carbon fiber and composite materials. During the assembly process, “jigs” are used to hold body panels and components precisely in place. Vibration testing, laser measurements, and comprehensive inspections by experienced specialists are performed to ensure the long-term functionality that Nissan owners expect, and to maintain the highest levels of accuracy and precision during assembly.

That big spoiler and all of the scoops and vents you see on the all-new 2016 GT-R aren’t just there to look cool, they’re all doing something. The spoiler is creating downforce while all of those ridges on the air dam and vents on the back bumper are managing airflow towards the rear. The vents behind the front fenders are cooling the brakes and creating more downforce, and the scoops on the hood and the signature grille are working to cool the engine. The average car in Atlanta, Georgia has exposed working gear under the car, where wind whips around, creating lift, and slowing you down. The 2016 Nissan GT-R, of course, isn’t your average Atlanta car. Its underbody is virtually covered by composite panels, giving it a flat, ultra-aerodynamic surface. At the front of the car, the flat underbody is accelerating the air and channeling it over the brakes, cooling them down. At the back, a carbon fiber diffuser takes that accelerated air and slows it down, creating a vacuum effect that helps the new 2016 GT-R at Nissan of Union City stick to the road, or the track.

An Impressive Interior the Captivates

Inside the 2016 Nissan GT-R you’ll find leather-appointed front seats that were undoubtedly built for performance. These bolstered sport seats help to keep you firmly in place, while cutouts in the driver’s seat cushion help to facilitate leg movement. Rev up the interior of your all-new GT-R with a choice between Red Amber or Ivory with the Premium Interior Package that features hand stitched semi-aniline seats. Sculpted performance bucket seats and an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat ensure that virtually any driver in Atlanta, Georgia can find a comfortable position behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R.

Bold touches of the all-new Nissan GT-R, such as leather on the steering wheel, shift knob and emergency brake handle and premium stitched leather inserts on the door panels and around the center console, work together to create an aggressive interior look and feel [1]. The interior of these new and exciting 2016 models offers a sleek trim of carbon-fiber and charcoal brushed-metal throughout, highlighting the ergonomic and ultra-modern design of the performance cockpit. Hop in, get comfortable and get ready to take on the streets of Atlanta, Georgia like never before. Let the power and precision of Nissan GT-R elevate your everyday drive to new and unprecedented levels.

Get In a New Nissan GT-R

All-new 2016 GT-R models are available at Nissan of Union City, and we keep a premium selection available for our Atlanta, Georgia customers to look over, test drive and choose from. Built to perform on an entirely different level, the 2016 Nissan GT-R is a piece of automotive mastery that needs to be experienced in person. Stop by and tell a Nissan of Union City salesperson to take you for a GT-R test drive. Experiencing the all-new 2016 GT-R up close and in person is all it takes to convince you that this is what driving in Atlanta is supposed to feel like. Come and see for yourself everything these new 2016 models have to offer, and find the Nissan GT-R that best suits your unique driving style today!

[1] Premium stitched inserts only available with the Premium Interior Package