The Nissan Juke Offers a Versatile, Exhilarating Drive

October 26th, 2017 by

The crossover SUV is a great utility vehicle that can handle whatever tasks you need done. The Nissan Juke has the versatility of a typical crossover but separates itself with its athletic design. Its distinct athletic features make it a truly unique vehicle, and its performance capabilities and amenities further separate it from the competition. At Nissan South of Union City, we have a large selection of Nissan vehicles, including the 2017 Nissan Juke!

The Nissan Juke Includes an Intuitively Designed Interior

The most unique aspect of the Nissan Juke may be its exterior build, which blends distinct curves and interesting color contrasts to really stick out on the road. The Juke is built to keep you in complete comfort as well. The sport bucket seats are a big factor, as they fit close to your body and assist the driver in staying well positioned. In addition, the center console is crafted not only to add an aesthetically pleasing element to the cabin but allows you to fit many loose items in its compartments. This is just one element of the motorsport DNA integrated into the Nissan Juke, which is further enhanced through the motorsport-inspired gauges. The Juke also has plenty of cargo space available underneath the cargo floor so you can fit whatever you need for your adventures. Overall, the Nissan Juke is made to please the eyes and the body!

Sporty Performance Makes the Nissan Juke a Blast to Drive

Nissan incorporated sophisticated design and engineering to make the Nissan Juke drive like a champion, and you’ll enjoy every minute of its agile maneuvering. The electric power steering reduces the amount of energy needed from the engine, which optimizes fuel economy. It also automatically adjusts the feel of your steering depending on how fast you are going. The real centerpiece of this car’s capabilities lies in the 1.6L Direct Injection Gasoline turbo engine that comes standard in every Juke. It marries efficiency with astounding power, so you save at the pump and get the thrills of an athletic drive. What’s more, the available torque-vectoring All-Wheel Drive is an inventive stabilization system that delivers greater control over your vehicle. It distributes power strategically between the front and rear wheels, and the multi-sensor system automatically transfers rear-wheel power to the left or right. This improves the overall agility of the Juke. Lastly, the Integrated Control System offers a unique interface that controls the environment and grants you access to Normal, Sport, Eco, or D-Mode at the touch of a button.

Advanced Technologies Monitor the Juke’s Functions and Keep you Safe

The many systems available in the Nissan Juke keep you secure in your vehicle by providing you with a heightened awareness of the road around you. The tire pressure monitoring system lets you know when your tires aren’t inflated properly, and the available Automatic On/Off Headlights will keep the street illuminated when the conditions outside demand it. The Vehicle Dynamic Control and Traction Control System distribute engine power and brake pressure to certain wheels when it detects over- or understeering. Furthermore, supplemental airbags were put into the front seats, in addition to side-impact supplemental air bags will move according to your seat position for maximum protection. Finally, Front-seat Active Head Restraints lower the chance of whiplash injuries to front-seat occupants by moving up and forward in the event of a rear-end collision. Simply put, the Nissan Juke is well equipped to keep you and your passengers safe.

Nissan South of Union City has the New Nissan Juke Available Now

The Nissan Juke is a versatile, advanced vehicle that delivers everything you would want from a crossover, and then some. Nissan South of Union City has a large selection of Nissans available, including the 2017 Nissan Juke. Our friendly staff will make sure you have a pleasant and laid-back experience with us, as well as provide you with any information you need to choose the right vehicle. We look forward to serving you! Click here for directions to Nissan South of Union City.

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