Reach New Heights in a Nissan Rogue in Union City, GA

April 10th, 2017 by

Drivers seek different admirable qualities in their choice of vehicles. Some opt for low and sleek speedsters while others prefer the capabilities and versatility of a full size SUV. However, those that wish for the unbelievable blend of both styles of vehicles may do so by selecting a compact SUV. The manufacturer of every vehicle is also highly important for those when selecting a new vehicle. Drivers that do their research can conclude that Nissan vehicles provide a commitment to excellence in each and every vehicle aided by the crafted styles. Car buyers looking to select a compact SUV may select the 2017 Nissan Rogue in Union City, GA. For the new Rogue and other Nissan vehicles, used and new, customers may head to Nissan of Union City for an unmatched vehicle buying experience.

Built for Versatility

Nissan Rogue

The new Nissan Rogue in Union City, GA was carefully designed in a thoughtful process, but one of the key elements was ensuring the Rogue was a versatile vehicular option. The spacious interior allows the Rogue to be a readily available option for a variety of styles of groups or category of adventure. For a trip with lots of gear, owners may provide maximum cargo room by folding all the rear seats flat to open up to a whopping 70 feet of cubic space. With this in mind, the Rogue creates the perfect spacious yet convenient road trip option. When a crew is carrying more people and fewer things, the second row may be kept upright to still allow for 39.3 cubic feet of space and enough seats for 5 people. Loading long objects in a vehicle can be a challenge because of the awkward size or shape of an object. Long items may be loaded with ease by folding the front and second row passenger which allows for 8 feet of space. The back cargo area may also be customized for even more options. Drivers may opt for a storage piece to create a more box-like look for the cargo area in which they can keep their valuables more hidden. For some, a more layered look in which owners can place objects to to be readily available and less hidden. The piece may also be lowered to use as a secret storage area or to put taller objects in without fear of being able to fit them in the back.

Some Added Bonuses

Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is a complete vehicle aided by some extra features that aren’t imperative, but make each and every voyage that much more enjoyable. The zero gravity front seats make sharp turns a breeze. In many vehicles, passengers will slide around their seats during a sharp turn but the design allows everyone to stay snug and secure the whole time. The dual zone climate control feature allows the driver and front passenger to experience their drive in completely different temperature settings. Many drivers of the Rogue live in frigid areas where ordinarily touching a leather steering wheel would be an absolute nightmare. However, Nissan offers a solution in the Rogue. The available heated steering wheel will allow owners to stay warm and toasty even during the coldest of days. In addition to the heated steering wheel, the front row and second row have available heated seats that are geared towards offering maximum comfort as well. The rear A/C vents further offer the passengers in the second row a more ideal temperature setting.

Your Nissan Rogue in Union City, GA

The complete flexibility offered by the new and improved Rogue makes it difficult for vehicle buyers to look any further in hopes of finding a more complete vehicle. Buyers ready to select their Rogue or other Nissan vehicle know that Nissan of Union City is complete with a vast selection of cars and an accommodating team that can help pair anyone with their ideal vehicle. In addition to selling cars, Nissan of Union City can help owners keep their vehicle ready for anything by visiting the service team. who can complete what is put in front of them; big jobs and small jobs alike. Head to Nissan of Union City today!