Take a Drive in the Nissan Pathfinder near Atlanta!

February 29th, 2016 by

Nissan PathfinderDespite the strange changes in the weather, that doesn’t stop school from being in full-fledged motion, and with classes, after school clubs, sports, and grocery shopping, you’re going to need a vehicle that can keep up with you and your daily tasks as well as your family’s. Thankfully, there’s the friendly and reliable staff at Nissan of Union City near Atlanta, Georgia, and they have an SUV that’s sure to get both you and your passengers wherever you need to go; the Nissan Pathfinder. Upgraded from the previous generations’ model with more advanced technology as well as a more sophisticated design, this ride is sure to have everything you’ll need to face those long days of multitasking while still having the style of a professional. There’s a reason this vehicle has been getting great reviews from happy drivers everywhere from great features like the capability and practicality of this vehicle down to the grand seating in both the front and back. Don’t believe it? Then come on down and have a test drive with the Nissan Pathfinder offered from Nissan of Union City near Atlanta, you’ll be able to experience those car-friendly features first hand. Let’s check out some of them now!

Professionally Powerful

Nissan Pathfinder

Everyone enjoys having a little power, especially when their day is filled with extra errands that can wear you and your car down. Not something super muscular, but something just strong enough to make the end of that rough and tough work day in the office, the school, the market, and/or the practice games seem like a breeze, and without including a truck price. Thankfully, the Nissan Pathfinder offered by Nissan of Union City near Atlanta has everything you would need out of a family car, with the power to back it up. The 3.5-liter V6 engine delivers seamless power with optimum fuel efficiency in order to support its 5,000 pound towing capacity. Struggling over camping trips will now be a thing of the past. Combined with the Nissan Pathfinder’s Around View Monitor- a class exclusive system using four cameras that allow the driver to visually confirm the vehicle’s position, even from above- parking, packing and just all around seeing is no longer a problem either. Talk about nifty technology!

Built for Family Fun

Nissan Pathfinder

Anyone with a family knows that the vehicle you travel in isn’t nearly as important as the comfort and entertainment of the ride between point A and point B. Thankfully the Nissan Pathfinder near Atlanta has been given not only technology advances, but seating advances as well. That way all seven of you can be satisfied. That’s right, seven. The Nissan Pathfinder also offers loads of front headroom as well as legroom. In fact, it even has class-exclusive reclining third row seats. But that’s not to say that there’s all room and no entertainment; the Nissan Pathfinder is equipped with a Tri-Zone entertainment system that includes an optional 3 screens, a Nissan Navigation system, an Advanced Drive-Assist Display, and a Nissan Intelligent Key. You can even have the option of a heated steering wheel as well as heated and cooled seats to ensure fun on every cold winter journey or hot summer adventure!

A Dealership that Means Business

At Nissan of Union City located near Atlanta, their mission is to treat all employees and customers not only with the professional respect that they deserve, but also give you a great variety of choices to find the perfect vehicle for you. Having a plethora of models to choose from, you never have to worry about their inventory, and their excellent staff lending an ear is just the first of the many amazing services they offer. Even if you’re the pickiest of them all, Nissan of Union City near Atlanta will try hard for your dream car to be found, regardless of some obstacles. So what are you waiting for? Stop by Nissan of Union City in Atlanta, Georgia today and don’t forget to check out the Nissan Pathfinder while you’re at it!